About Us

Oh Hello.

My name is Kassandra, I'm the founder and designer behind ReMinted. When I'm not covered in paint and/or sanding dust, I'm almost certainly drinking coffee and scouring my city for hidden and forgotten gems. I won't deny that I have pulled over on the highway to scoop up a barn door, or hopped into a dumpster for dining room chairs. 

I'm a native Calgarian and third generation Albertan, and I couldn't imagine living or running my little business anywhere else. 

I started ReMinted to share my passion for design, and to change the perception of "second-hand" items. I believe that everything can be upcycled, and that a well curated home doesn't have to break the bank. 

I am very proud to represent a strong and vibrant community of local makers and artisans in YYC, and I can't wait to keep growing!