Our Story

Oh Hello.

My name is Kassandra, and along with my sweetly patient husband behind the saw, I am the founder/designer/maker at ReMinted Décor. A home-based business in Calgary, Alberta selling hand-crafted wood wall art. 

I am a native Calgarian, third generation Albertan, Mount Royal design alum, coffee addict and thrift-store junkie. I began my entrepreneurial journey in 2017 when I decided to progress my hobby for painting furniture into a part-time business selling upcycled pieces. It was during this time that I grew to love the vibrant local scene in Calgary, attending my first market with Curated and being introduced to many talented makers.

My transition into wall art started innocently as a way to stage my furniture pieces and it quickly developed into a full-time pursuit that I never saw coming. I’ll level with you; I never considered myself to be an “artsy” person, maybe a “creative” one at best. While I expressed interest in drawing and painting early, I always shied away from taking it seriously because let’s be real – it’s terrifying to put something you made out there for everyone to take in.

The first time I painted on wood, to put it simply, I was obsessed. I was running around my house putting this thing against different walls around my house, loving each new place it was in more than the last. I had created something that combined my love of quirky design, modernism and wood décor – and I haven’t really looked back.

Today I continue to draw inspiration from the beautiful topography of Alberta and each of my pieces have roots there. I have been, and always will be, captivated by the silhouette of a mountain or the striking contrast of a prairie sky against canola.

I am so excited to keep sharing my work with the people who love it, and love local. Thank you for making it possible for little businesses like ours to keep doing what we do.